📂Manage Contacts

To manage the settings for a contact currently on your account or to add a new contact, navigate to the Manage Contacts tab.

Update Contact Information or Edit Notification Preferences

Update Contact Information

Select the contact you would like to edit.

You can edit any of the fields below if you need to update a contact.

We would love to connect with you on social media! We don't sell or share your contact information either, which you can read more about in our Privacy Policy.

Edit your Communication Preferences

You can also opt yourself or other contacts on your account in or out of email types using the checkboxes to the right.

If the contact needs to be removed from the account, select the "Contact Left, Moved, or is not Applicable" box. This sets them as inactive and they will be removed from the account.

If you purchased through a reseller, your preference options will be different (see below 👇). You will not be able to make selections regarding billing as all quotes, invoicing, and billing information goes to the reseller.

Don't forget to select "Save" when you're done!

Add a New Contact

You can add contacts to your account by selecting "Add a New Contact".

The only fields we require here are the First Name and Email address of the new contact, but feel free to add in as much as you'd like!

Don't forget to select "Save" when you're done!

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